Clearing & Forwarding Agent and Custom Consultant....

   "Hossain International"is an Import Export and Supplier Agent.

"Hossain International" has been functional since 1995 as a local and international trading wing of C & F. This company is dealing with Rode constructions equipment & bridge,fly over materials,PC Girder Material,P.C Stand,Greep.Cone Anchorage Had,Duk Pipe...etc.

    "Hossain International" is reputable for its honesty and reliability to its customers worldwide. To keep the commitment to the very competitive international market, "Hossain International" innovated Triple-Check method of Quality Control very efficiently for the supplied goods to each of its customers. For its reputation of Quality Control the company is also assigned as the third party surveyor/inspector for importing goods from other suppliers in Bangladesh.

    Our Managing Partner Md.Belayet Hossain.Supdt. of Custom (Rtd.)  leads the company with his humble honesty and commitment to the world human society. His talent and enthusiasm for fine arts shine all over . As a result, the whole team of "Hossain International" perform their jobs like social workers rather than corporate executives. So, it is a great pleasure to deal with each person of the company.

    We import our products to  China and others countries. There are numerical references about our company on the Internet.


Hossain International.



C & F Agent Custom & Vat Consultant:

"Hossain International" is a leading C&F agent company in Bangladesh since 1995 with glory.
The whole country service provider specially in port area.
Benapole Port...
Chittagong Port...
Mongla Port...
ICD Kamlapur Dhaka...
Air Freight Dhaka.

Contact Person:

Md.Belayet Hossain.Supdt. of Custom (Rtd.)

e-mail: info@hossaininternational.com
web:   www.hossaininternational.com
Noor Jahan Tower.
Flat#B-1,136,Boro Moghbazar.

           Round Anchorage.
           Duk Pipe

                               P.C Stand

Sister Concern:

AGRANI ENTERPRISE Importer & Supplier.
Products Name:
1.PC Girder Bridge.
2. P.C Stand.
3. Greep.Cone Anchorage Had.
4.Duk Pipe....etc importer .
Contact Person:
Md.Saiful Islam.(Partner)
                          P.C Stand